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Choosing the Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses

Traditionally, the bridesmaids’ dresses are chosen by the bride. In some cases, however, the bridal parties have a say in what shape or color they would like to wear, but at the end of the day it’s the bride choosing. Mix-and-matched bridesmaids dresses are a great way to differentiate your personality from that of your bridesmaids while still blending in with the rest of the bridal entourage. It’s a good way for you to get ideas on how to dress your bridesmaids and will help your bridesmaids feel more comfortable with the whole wedding party. Here are five top ways to mix and match your bridesmaids dresses this summer for a more fun and flirty wedding.


The first way to mix and match your bridesmaids dresses is with the simple, yet flattering, Sorella Vita style top. This top features a crisscrossing V-neckline with straps that run straight across and have an empire waistline. Because of its empire line, it can really enhance the shape of a woman’s body and is a good choice for those who are on the taller side. Pair it with leggings or a strappy sandal for a cool, casual look.


If you’re looking for a funky look to go along with your Sorella Vita style top, consider wearing your bridesmaids dresses in an oversized number. One example of this is the Funky Chicken Dress. This dress hugs your legs, exposing your sweetheart’s lower abdomen in a rucher, flared fit. Complete the look with a matching clutch bag and matching shoes – including wedges, flats, and Mary Janes! For a funky, edgy bridal party look that’s sure to make a splash, wear your bridesmaids dresses in bold color palettes like a lime green with black straps or a bright orange with fuchsia details.


If you’d prefer something a little sexier, there’s the Etoile Couture Maison Martin Margiela in satin, charmeuse, or white. This dress is a staple in any female collection and is another great choice for your bridal party! This gown hugs your curves from the bust down, which will make your bridal party feel like royalty for days to come. For a bold look that’s sure to get a lot of attention, wear your bridesmaids dresses in a contrast color palette like a light blue and a dark purple with contrasting accessories. This color combination will work well with almost any skin color and will create a stunning look.

One of the trendiest options for this season is the signature bridesmaids dresses of Jean Paul Gaultier. These dresses are ultra feminine with a sleek, structured design that will work for any bride. Choose from either a short sleeve or long sleeve dress and team it with either a chandelier earring or a pair of strappy sandals. The perfect accessory to complete the look is the matching clutch or barrette.


When it comes to choosing a color for your bridesmaids’ bridesmaid dresses, think about their personal style as well. Whether they prefer a bold, eye-catching color or prefer something more conservative and elegant, each maid should be able to look spectacular on your big day. Consider the colors that your bridesmaids have worn before, especially if you were a part of the bridesmaids’ class or wore similar outfits when you were dating. You can also choose an appropriate color for your bridesmaids based on their skin tone: if the girls all come in fair skin, go for subtle, earthy hues such as brown, peach, or yellow. For those who have darker skin tones, consider bridesmaid dresses with deep, rich colors like emerald, sapphire, or ruby.


Bridesmaids usually have different preferences when it comes to color palettes. Although it’s not always possible to try on each bridesmaid dress before the big day, bring along a color palette to choose from so that you can see what each of your maids would look good wearing. With a color palette, you’ll be able to mix and match colors so that you’ll be able to match your entire bridal party to one cohesive look. You can choose to go simple by picking pastel shades, or you can go crazy and ask your bridesmaids to wear a single coordinated dress.


The size of the bridesmaid dress is also a consideration for brides. Most brides want their bridesmaids to feel comfortable and look their best at the wedding. When it comes to dresses, bridesmaids should always be able to feel the chair they’re sitting in, or the floor they’re walking on, because it’s their role as assistants to the bride. However, standing for long periods of time is uncomfortable for most brides, so if you’re having a very long-anticipated wedding ceremony, it’s okay to consider having them wear regular bridesmaid dresses. But if you’re having a short-term reception, then you might consider having them wear dresses that can be easily put on and taken off, as opposed to the bridesmaid dress that can’t be taken off even after the ceremony is over.

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