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How to Choose a Perfect Ball Gown for a Sweetheart Wedding

Ball gown or any other kind of more formal wedding dresses are usually designed with a fitted waist and high-low neckline. This sleek and fitted shape has a classic, long neckline which tends to drop down anywhere from your chin to your feet. The silhouette is enhanced even more with perfectly-placed beading and embroidery work around the neck and on the sleeves. The length of the ball gown is almost exactly the same as the length of your wedding dress! This simple, yet beautiful cut will definitely make you the belle of the ball at your upcoming nuptials.


Every bride dreams of a perfect day like those in the movies. She imagines her beautiful bridal gown flowing beautifully down the aisle, catching the light as it brushes past her feet. She imagines being swept off her feet by the hands of the best man as he places a bouquet of flowers behind her. She also imagines being asked to dance the night away in her glamorous ball gown. Every girl wants her perfect wedding day to become a reality, and to this end, she spends countless hours of planning. If you feel like you could use a little help in the planning process, keep reading for some helpful advice about wedding planning.


Your wedding dress must meet certain measurements in order to be considered formal enough for a formal ball gown. These measurements are the bust/waist ratio, length of the skirt, hip width, and knee length. When choosing your design, it’s important to try on different styles to get a feel for how they look on you. If you’ve always had a small stomach, for instance, a longer fitted bodice will likely show more of your abdomen. The same goes for a pear-shaped body: A long, A-line skirt will lengthen your legs and give you a taller appearance, while a more flared skirt will make you look smaller in the eyes of other people.


The traditional full skirt style is extremely flattering on any woman’s body type. It is considered beautiful, elegant, and classic, which is why many brides choose to wear them. Because these dresses hug the hips, they are also very appropriate for a bride with smaller frames. In fact, the only problem with full ball gowns is that they are difficult to find in larger sizes.

One of the most important aspects of a ball gown is the neckline. Full or A-Line necklines are flattering for all figures, whether the wearer is tall petite, thin, or overweight. A princess neckline, for instance, is a great choice for the slim, although the bodice may not cover the whole of a woman’s shoulders. A high neckline can also accentuate a woman’s figure, which can be a problem for some women with larger upper bodies.


A sweetheart neckline, which starts below the bust, is a great choice for full-figured brides. If you don’t like the sweetheart neckline, you can choose a v-neck, a cowl neck, a high collar, or a wide V-neck. These all have the same look, but you can choose the one that best enhances your best features.


The amount of fabric used in a ball gown also plays an important role. Whether it is a sweetheart neckline, a lace trim, a full skirt, or a tulle ball gown, the amount of fabric that is used will determine the overall effect. A silk satin ball gown looks very elegant, but it is heavy and uncomfortable to wear during the reception period. A cotton or satin tulle ball gown gives the wearer the freedom to move around without feeling stiff, while a satin or lace trimmed mermaid wedding gown feels absolutely comfortable and perfect for dancing. If you are a bride who loves to shop, you can find lots of beautiful ball gowns at online specialty stores.


If you want to be extra adventurous, a butterfly or a flower lace trim gives you the freedom to choose another look. You can try a sweetheart neckline with a lace trim that begins below the bust or goes all the way over your shoulders. If you want to be more feminine, you can choose a short V-necked sweetheart dress that features a thin satin train or one that has an empire waistline. A princess ball gown is the perfect choice if you are looking for the right fit. Make sure that your ball gown fits perfectly.

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