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What to Wear to an Indian Wedding As a Guest

Indian wedding dresses are elaborately designed dress worn by the brides, bride and other members of the wedding party attending the ceremony. It is a traditional Indian ceremony where the family members get united and get time to celebrate the holy event with lot of pomp and show. Brides in India wear different traditional attires on this occasion like the sari for the bride, ghagra choli for the bride’s mother and other female relatives and pajamas for the groom and other male family members. The men are also dressed differently.

Earlier, the Indian wedding dresses were simple, made up of cloth materials. However, with passage of time, Indian wedding dresses have undergone several changes to meet the modern-day needs and requirements of the modern bride and groom. Nowadays, even the women wear stylish and trendy outfits for the ceremony. Here is a brief discussion about different types of Indian wedding dresses:

Embroidery: One of the most common and important features of all indian wedding dresses is embroidery. The embroidery makes the attire look gorgeous. In earlier times, women used to wear sari to attend the ceremonies. Today, modern women wear stylish embroidered garments that complement well with the wedding ceremonies.

Anarkali: The term anarkali refers to the traditional Indian gowns made up of heavy wool fabric. Today, these dresses are available in various colors like pink, light pink, dark pink and gold. Today, many designers have taken interest in designing these indian wedding dresses, making them even more beautiful and elegant. Many designers use colorful threads and sequins to enhance the appearance of the anarkali.

Salwar Kameez: Today, there are numerous designers who specialize in designing salwar kameez. These beautiful attires are popular amongst Punjabi women. They are made up of a heavy material, which gives a cozy feel. They can be worn on a daily basis, during summers as well as in winters. This is a very comfortable type of anarkali, which can be worn to any type of function.

Anukhti: This is another popular type of Indian wedding dress. It is known as the yellow outfit. The anukhti is a sleeveless outfit. It is a great choice for Hindu weddings. These outfits are made from heavy material; hence, they do not allow the wearer to move freely during the ceremony.

Georgette: Another popular type of Indian wedding dresses is the georgette. The anarkali, being a heavy garment, is enveloped in a georgette. The heavy covering gives the wearer a classy look. The lehenga is another traditional Indian wedding dress that gives a long and lean figure to the wearer.

Saree: The saree is the most popular choice among the Indian brides. It is known as the mother of all Indian wedding attire. There are various types of sarees and designs, which give a different look to the wearer. The saree is typically worn on the auspicious occasion of wedding ceremony.

Rajah: The Rajah is another form of traditional Indian wedding dress. It is a long and flowing dress, which is worn by the maid of honor and other guests. The word ‘Rajah’ originates from the Sanskrit language. The word ‘Rajah’ has many other variations like the ‘royal Rajah’, the ‘barracuda’, the ‘palash’ and the ‘turban’.

These were some of the various traditional Indian wedding attire. One can wear any of these as per their choice or even to make a fashion statement. As mentioned above there are many options available in the market for one to choose from. Many designers are also coming up with new ideas, everyday.

The traditional Indian wedding guest attire includes the salwar kameez and the churidar. The salwar is a type of outfit that comes in a form of pants with a loose trouser. The churidar is a long sleeved shirt. Both these attires have been popular since the age of Indians. If you are willing to try something new then you can try something different or go for something more traditional.

However, the most famous Indian wedding dresses are the Saree and the Vishwanath. The Saree is the famous ghagra choli where as the Vishwanath is a heavy embellished saree. Both these outfits have lots of embellishments like stones and embroidery. Cotton is used in the construction of these two popular outfits.

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