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A reception dress is an entirely different outfit that the bride wears for her reception. This isn’t quite a fad for weddings; however: it provides you with a classic, elegant outfit, whilst also giving you the slightly more formal look for your ceremony (and your pictures). The wedding reception usually happens at the end of the evening for the reception is formal attire is highly appreciated by the guests. You don’t have to go all out when it comes to the wedding reception dress; there is actually a lot of room for you to play around and look unique. Here are some tips on how to wear the right dress for your reception:


A simple and elegant strapless gown is perfect for this kind of occasion. Many brides these days choose to go for this style of style as it is simple and elegant. However, if you are a bit on the wild side and like a bit of colour in your attire, why not opt for a sleeveless or even a halter-necked strapless? Either way, you will look stunning and feel confident. There are plenty of off-the-wall and unique wedding reception dresses which don’t feature a single strapless panel. For example:

There is another option for a simple, but elegant reception dress which doesn’t feature a strapless neckline at all: a long, full-length satin chiffon jumpsuit! These suits are incredibly flattering and can look surprisingly good on most women. A great thing about a long jumpsuit is that it will reach your knees, meaning you won’t be exposing any of your shoulders (unless you choose plunging necklines for instance). A long jumpsuit is also great because it can be worn with a long, elegant gown, meaning you will still have that beautiful slim silhouette!

It’s important to consider which details like your gown’s bodice and skirt match when choosing a great reception dress. If you are wearing a sequined or beaded gown with intricate details like a brocade fabric covered bodice, then it will look out of place with a plain white or black jumpsuit. Choose a pattern that coordinates with the fabric on your gown – for example, a trumpet design can go perfectly with a red, mermaid-inspired dress. Or you could choose a floral or polka dot pattern for a whimsical effect. Another option would be to wear a black or white jumpsuit that simply says “bride”, which will turn heads if worn at a wedding.

As a general rule, the length of a wedding reception dress should be no shorter than a floor length. Some brides choose to wear their gowns shorter, particularly if they are expected to dance. This can really make a big difference though! Plus-size brides are also advised to wear a floor length dress. In fact, many plus-size brides opt to wear a ball gown instead of a traditional wedding gown. This is not only because it’s easier to find dresses in this style, but also because they can turn heads with such ease.

Once you have decided on a reception dress that looks good, you may wonder what kind of accessories to wear to accent it. Some brides change their hair for their ceremony dress. Others decide to wear an elaborate tiara. Many choose to use flowers and ribbon to tie around their gown. If you choose to do all these things, be sure to coordinate them with the bridesmaids and the flower girl (if any).

For a truly vintage-looking ceremony, you may want to wear a Bhldn (short for bespoke bridal gown) to your reception. These are made in silk from India, and they are very charming. Many of them are embellished with crystal bridal jewelry and gemstones. However, these can be hard to find. So, most of the time, brides just wear a simple black silk dress. There are many online retailers who offer this style of dress, and since there are so many options, you can choose one that fits your budget perfectly.

Finally, when it comes to dresses for a reception, the most important consideration is: what are you going to wear? As long as your gown is gorgeous, there is no need to buy an entire set of evening dresses. Even if you have to carry several extra dresses around, it will be well worth the trouble. Just remember that these gowns will get more use than you might realize; and by wearing something elegant, it will help you feel absolutely gorgeous on your special day.

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