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A bride-to-become needs to look ravishing in her engagement gown while presenting best looking engagement ring at the same time. However, there are a host of Indian engagement dresses choices available nowadays to suit every taste. From plain engagement dresses to richly designed royal engagements, a bride-to-become has plenty of options to make her day a special one. Here is a list of top five engagement dresses.


The Kameez is perhaps one of the most popular Indian engagement dresses. It is known for its elegant style and grace, which flow down the body gracefully. It is characterized by short length and wide strap with some lace decoration and zardosi pattern at rear.


The elite label of couture engagement dresses includes the Lehenga Choli and Ranga Lehenga Cholis. Both the dresses are designed with mirror work on borders with a floral pattern. The Lehenga Choli has a flowing and full skirt, while the Ranga Lehenga Choli has long and flowing draped dresses with mirror work and is embellished with rhinestones around the neck and border. The 2021 collection of this brand also comes with a matching clutch bag and compact.


One of the most sought after Indian menswear is the exquisite Kundan style engagement dresses that are inspired by traditional shaman architecture. It comes with a pretty design with full skirt, brocade waistlines and a touch of shantan adorning the borders. Kundan patterning can be seen on various blouses and western blazers. The menswear designers have come up with exciting motifs and shades and designs like floral, peacock, leaf and bugle. This designer brand offers suntan inspired menswear for weddings and parties as well.

Another best known menswear designer is Manish Arora, who hails from Mumbai. Known for his innovative embroidery work, he has earned an international reputation in designing innovative engagement dresses. The brand boasts of beautiful suntan embroidery work that embellishes the whole dress in a mesmerizing way. The kinda look is popular among all age groups, particularly women. The menswear range of this designer house includes traditional shaman kurta with heavy embellishments and intricate detailing, as well as lighter versions for daily wear and evening attire.


Most brides to be these days prefer gowns as their wedding attire. However, it is still common to see a bride wearing sarees and western-style sarees. A unique and elegant designer wedding outfit is the perfect choice for the modern bride. It must have excellent comfort ability and must compliment the shape and figure of the bride perfectly. To get the perfect look for your wedding day, check out the collection of Indian bridal dresses offered by leading designers such as Manish Arora, DKNY, necksize and more.


Nowadays, many brides opt for off-shoulder dresses, which are ideal for all-night affairs during the engagement. For weddings scheduled during monsoons, one can go for knee length or tea length kurtas. For weddings scheduled on weekends, casual styles are the most suitable. Check out the collection of off-shoulder hurts from Manish Arora, DKNY, necksize, Ascot and many more. Your best bet for finding the best wedding planning dress would be to search online and browse through the collections of various top brands.


Engagement dresses come in different price ranges depending on the designer and material used. With so many options in the market, you are sure to find an ideal dress for your wedding. Browse through the collections of Indian bridal dresses offered by leading designers such as Manish Arora, DKNY, necksize and more. With so many unique options, you are sure to find the perfect dress for your big day. The most important thing is to choose dresses that make you feel comfortable and look beautiful. Happy shopping!

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