Wedding Gown
Wedding Gown

Which Wedding Gown Formats Work For You?

A wedding gown or wedding dress is the formal dress worn by the bride during a wedding celebration. The color, design and spiritual significance of this dress may depend entirely on the culture and religion of the wedding participants themselves. Brides have a long tradition in western weddings, which dates back to biblical times. It has been traditional for some women to wear a white silk gown while others choose to wear a pure silk wedding gown. Modern-day brides prefer to wear the latest in wedding gowns, such as the Italian-designed “Lolita” wedding gown that has a front slit up to the neckline, which is covered with sequins.


These gowns are sold by traditional wedding gown stores and dry cleaners. However, many modern brides prefer to shop at online stores where they can simply order their favorite gowns and get it delivered right at their doorsteps. Dry cleaners can sell wedding dresses from various manufacturers. The dresses can be ordered online and the dress prepared and delivered by one of these businesses without having to deal with the hassle of transporting the garment all the way to the dry cleaners’ shop.


The styles and designs available today can suit any taste and budget. There are some exquisite gowns that have intricate details on every aspect of the garment. These elaborate regal-style wedding dresses are usually worn during formal weddings such as the Queen’s Coronation Ceremony held in the west End of London, the Investiture Ceremony held in Rome, and numerous other important ceremonies. The most popular regal style is the ball gown which is considered as the ideal choice for high-class weddings and has a timeless appeal.


Another popular style that is gaining popularity among brides nowadays is the beach wedding gowns. The top of this type is considered more classic than the ball gown or regal style. It can either be in silk or genuine cotton material. The prices of these bridal gowns vary depending on the brand, design, fabric, and the material used.

Lace is another popular choice for wedding dresses. It can either be simple lace or intricate lace embroidery. Lace can either be worn alone or along with other embellishments like pearls, crystals, ribbons, or laces. To add interest to the lace, please help improve your skills on how to use the different kinds of laces available.


This kind of dress is worn by brides during the ceremony only and not allowed during the reception. However, these gowns are often seen among the elegant brides during certain functions. The most popular designs of this type are the A line or Princess gown that is worn on weddings in an A shape while cascade gowns that are commonly worn for receptions. With the help of these lace details, your dress will definitely exude elegance and grace.


One style that you should consider is a long gown worn with layered taffeta dress. This will surely get the attention from everybody, especially your future husband. The gowns come in various colors, like ivory, blue, black, and cream. To further enhance the beauty of your dress, please improve your skills on how to wear taffeta with organza. Taffeta and organza usually go well together, because it creates a layered look that perfectly accentuates your dress worn underneath. In addition, the hemline of this dress worn with taffeta dress can be adjusted to suit your personal preference.


For a sheath wedding dress shape, remember that it is shorter than the traditional styles. This dress can either be full-length or just below the knees. Brides who want to look slim and sexy can opt for the shorter version. Please see to it that the sheath dress compliments your overall body shape and height.

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