The White Lace Dress - An Icon For All Dresses
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The White Lace Dress – An Icon For All Dresses

The white lace dress is a women’s fashion icon. Everyone has a photo of Audrey Hepburn or Marlene Dietrich in a white lace dress. It has been widely accepted as the ‘in’ thing to wear, yet its origins are somewhat confusing.

We all know that the white lace dress was invented by a company based in New York in 1924. It’s design was based on their desire to create something very sophisticated and elegant for women. They also wanted to market themselves as ‘the perfect dress’.

Today, these garments are very expensive, as we all know. Also, we are a long way from what the company wanted – simple elegance. It is more than likely that the original designs were intended to create a dress fit for a much younger model than the world of high society.

The company initially made its name by producing dresses for celebrities and therefore enjoyed great success during the early nineteen sixties. However, there was a time when the company could never make enough of them to meet demand. The problems were that people wanted more for less money. Another factor was that there was no fashion industry in those days.

In order to create a black and white lace dress that would not go out of fashion, they decided to patent it. This meant that they couldn’t be sued for mass production of the design. Additionally, the company still managed to create a number of white lace dresses, and so it became a major fashion accessory.

The design had been around for several years before the early nineteen sixties. Therefore, it is fair to say that Audrey Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich were wearing it before 1924. It must have been admired for its simplicity.

Women who are into dressing up and look forward to every new development in the fashion industry, however, will remember the white lace dress. It is still popular today, although many will admit that it has gone out of fashion. Most people still like the look and the quality of the fabric, but these days we want things to be cheaper.

There are still some designers who still work with white lace dress. The problem is that they find it difficult to maintain their styles. These dresses may look stylish today, but they simply won’t last.

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