Princess Diana Wedding Dress

The Princess Diana Wedding Dress

The princess Diana Costume has come back into fashion, as the choice of royal wedding dress for many modern brides is becoming more like the original style. Diana Spencer was the ultimate bridesmaid, with an exquisite wedding dress which had a slightly sexier feel to it. Her dress had been originally designed for the Italian Royal Wedding in which she was also to be married. It was a taffeta, pale pink and antique lace dress, with an antique white train and a 153 Yard purple tulle veil, which was owned by the Princess.


The Princess’s dress was made from the finest fabrics, designed to flatter her form and figure. It had all the classic elements of the princess’s character, yet was never sexier. It had been tailored for practical reasons and not to be viewed as a showpiece, although it was undoubtedly eye catching and very feminine. It was designed to be worn for a traditional wedding ceremony on the River Rhone in Italy on the day of her marriage to Charles IV. This was to be her last royal wedding as she retired to her marital bed after the marriage.


This article will cover the Princess Diana Costume, in chronological order. The first of the princess’s dresses to feature in any British fashion history books was her ball gown at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The full length, long laced bodice with taffeta sleeves, with intricate gold brocade panels, was a truly remarkable style. It incorporated several different designs and embellishments, such as a crystal choker and three different floral brooches, all worked into the fabric. It has often been described as a Cinderella style dress, because its full length and shape, and its use of elaborate and romantic embroidery, certainly felt like a princess was being brought out of her castle.


The next style of dress to feature in the British fashion history books was the Princess Diana costume, which was designed by her personal stylist, John Douglas. It is generally agreed that Princess Diana had a strong liking for the more traditional side of the full length ball gown. This is reflected in the style of gown which features in this article. It emanates from the classic style of gowns worn by Royal Court members in the eighteen hundreds, and makes use of heavily decorated full length skirts made of heavy silk with beading and sequins. The bodice is full length, lined and usually embroidered with floral motifs and often containing a button or ribbon brooch.

The Princess Diana wedding gowns are most commonly thought to be black, but this is a mistake as the style is actually made up of many different types of fabrics and even shades of blue. Much of the design of these dresses emanate from the bodice, sleeves and skirt, with the main embellishment being a full length skirt which ends at the feet. These skirts have never been longer than a single inch and the fullness has always been very soft. There are many different styles of these gowns, with the classic style incorporating a full and sensuous veil which can be seen at the back of the gown. This veil is covered with a chiffon netting, which helps to enhance the figure of the bride and make her appear even more beautiful.


Another important style of Princess Diana’s gown is known as the traditional long gown. This design is thought to have been inspired by the elaborate ballroom gowns worn by the royal court in the late eighteen hundreds. The traditional long gown style usually emanates from a fitted bodice to a full skirt, and is embellished with intricate floral and lace detail work. Many brides choose to wear a princess gown with an over-sized veil which is also made from chiffon netting.


The Princess Diana wedding gown has become a popular choice for many brides, and you can find one suitable to your taste in a wide range of colours, styles and fabrics. If you want a more conservative style of dress, it’s worth checking out the ultra modern look of the short sleeved silk princess dress. Although this style isn’t suitable for all types of wedding, it is ideal for a more formal ceremony.


One of the most popular types of Princess Diana wedding dresses is the heavily adorned and heavily embellished Emperador style. This style of dress features an over-the-knee length skirt which emanates from a full length bodice. The bodice is covered in intricate detailed satin, and the skirt is full to the top of the knee. Large crystal beading is often included on this type of dress. The Emperador style features heavily embroidered panels along the bodice and around the upper edge of the skirt. It has a heavily decorated hemline and is available in a wide variety of colours.

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