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The Best Styles For Prom Dresses in 2019

A prom dress is by far one of the more difficult dresses to shop for. Not only is there considerable pressure to come up with a unique, one-of-a-kind dress that will stand out dramatically from all others in the crowd, but there is also the additional pressure of selecting a prom dress that you will not regret wearing ten years down the line. It is also important to take into account the time of year, weather conditions, and even personal preferences when deciding on the perfect prom dress. As you venture out to make your decision, keep these tips in mind to help you choose your prom dress with confidence:


The hottest trend in prom fashion this season is the combination of metallic and embroidered fabrics. Metallic dresses are generally more popular during prom season, so it is best to plan ahead as to what metallic designs you are interested in. Some of the most popular metallic dresses include sequined versions, ruffled versions, and the classic sparkle dress. Each of these designs requires a different type of embellishment, so make sure you do your homework to decide which designs will work best for you and your body type.


Just as metallic colors look especially well during prom season, elegant, feminine dresses are also popular for prom. With all of the different styles available, the key to finding a great prom dress for you is simply knowing what style fits your body type. The two main types of prom dresses are either full length tea length, or floor length. Your best option would be to try on a few different styles to decide which one best compliments your figure. In addition to choosing a style that is complimentary to your figure, you should also choose a prom dress that accentuates your best assets.


Another consideration is your budget. Many students find that adding small touches such as embellishments, back insets, and unique accessories can significantly reduce the overall cost of purchasing their prom dresses. If you are looking to save money, you can always research local auctions or sales at local stores and boutiques, and try to find prom gowns or prom dresses that were once sold at auctions for a fraction of their original price. Whether you opt to shop online or from a store, it is important that you carefully look over all of your prom options before deciding on which ones you are interested in purchasing.

Full-length prom dresses are generally quite simple to find, as they are often sold as separates. Assembling this dress is usually a fairly straightforward process, and most prom dresses are easy enough to put together that a small child could follow a step-by-step instruction set. However, if you want something that is a little more complicated, such as a sheath dress with a neckline, you will likely have to take your prom dress to a seamstress for modifications. Typically, these types of dresses require sewing only on the shoulders, sleeves, and neckline, so you should make sure you have a good seamstress who can modify your dress for you.


Of course, the neckline is not the only part of your prom dress that you will need to purchase. You will also need to select prom gowns with interesting details and high quality construction. Cheap gowns with low quality construction are prone to wrinkling in the wrong areas and may easily become a problem during your special day. If you purchase a cheap gown that has low quality construction, it may not be long before your prom night becomes nightmarish because your dress has developed a number of wrinkles that catch and crumple during the day.


When it comes to the fit of a prom dress, there are four different styles to choose from: cap sleeves, empire waistlines, princess cut, and straight fit. Cap sleeve prom dresses are considered the classic choice for many women, as they tend to flatter women with fuller figures the most. Empire waistlines are generally worn by women who don’t like their upper body to look too flat. And of course, straight fit and princess cut gowns have always been classic choices and can even work for petites since the focus tends to be on the waist.


As you can see, there are plenty of wonderful options for you to choose from when it comes to prom dresses this year. Which of these classic styles will you be wearing? Your best bet for choosing the perfect style of prom dress is to browse through the entire collection available for next season. This way, you’ll have an idea of what designers are offering and you’ll have an easier time picking out your prom dresses for this season.

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