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Choosing the perfect bridal shower dress can be difficult because there are so many beautiful options available. The season of the year also dictates what you wear. For spring and summer bridal shower dresses, lightweight, tea-length silhouette outfits, elegant fabric wraps, and sweet, light-hearted designs are appropriate. However, if the event takes place somewhere in the winter or fall, heavy-duty fabrics in heavy weight fabrics such as satin are especially suited for cold weather. Bridal shower favors should also reflect the season in which the event takes place, if the party is in the spring or summer months.


Let’s discuss the different seasons when it comes to choosing bridal shower dresses. The first thing to consider is whether the occasion is going to be casual or formal. Formal events call for long dresses that drape over the shoulders. These sleeves are almost always accompanied by a faux fur wrap. The long, beaded sleeves of winter bridal shower dresses are ideal for winter parties.

Casual events call for more relaxed, fitted bridal shower dresses. A flowing, A-line skirt with a high neckline is ideal for this scenario. A long, full skirt is another option. Remember to keep the length between your knees’ widest and shoulder’s widest. You may want to consider wearing a waist cincher to further reduce the waistline.

Winter bridal shower dresses look like so much fun because the color palette for the outfit is so wide. You could choose a deep burgundy hue like plum or burnt orange or opt for more subtle shades like a snowflake or white. Some women even wear their wedding hair in pigtails with their white bridal shower dress!

The skirt on a wedding is absolutely crucial. It can either make or break the look of the dress! A bridal shower dress with a short skirt, but long sleeves, are ideal for an evening wedding. The shorter skirt shows off the legs, while the long sleeves to show off the arms. Choose a skirt that flows just past the knee, or opt for one that stops at the ankle; a full skirt looks more formal and will coordinate with longer bridal shower dresses.

One of the most popular trends for bridal shower dresses is the use of puffed sleeves. Puff sleeves look great with the right dress and are a staple in many classic style dresses. For instance, a long, V-necked gown would look fantastic with puffed sleeves that reach past the elbow.

Also popular for wedding dresses these days are off-shoulder outfits. Off-shoulder outfits can be worn in a number of ways and can even be considered elegant. The key to wearing an off-shoulder wedding dress is to choose an empire waist dress so the outfit flows down over the hips. Bridesmaids can wear halter shirts underneath the empire waist dress, which shows off the dress from the front and backs. This is a great option for brides who want to save money, as well as allowing their attendants to each have a different style of dress to wear on the day of the wedding.

Finally, some brides may choose to wear a beautiful, unique, and stylish wrap dress as their bridal shower dress. This type of outfit usually consists of a beautiful fabric like tulle, which is wrapped around and tied at the back of the gown. Many times, these wraps are accompanied by a lovely floral pattern, which can also help to give the bride a splash of color or sparkle throughout her entire look.

Another idea that brides may consider for their bridal shower dress is to wear a skirt that flares out at the knees. These types of skirts are very romantic and come in many different styles. Some skirt styles look more like a bubble skirt, while others come in the form of a pleated skirt. Other styles of skirt flare out to the sides, while still others have no flare at all. Whichever style of skirt a bride chooses, she can choose a skirt that flares at the knees or flows naturally down the legs, with or without sleeves.

Other ideas for off the shoulder bridal shower dresses include strapless ones. These can look absolutely beautiful on brides with the hourglass-shaped face. Just remember that most of these dresses will feature an empire waistline, which is not only very comfortable for the bride to wear, but will also make the overall look extremely attractive. Other terrific options for off shoulder bridal showers include those that feature halter necks, with or without sleeves. There are also many beautiful dresses available that come in the off the shoulder variety and feature a cowl neck or sweetheart neckline.

Choosing a skirt for a bridal shower look that flares out at the knees, is a great way to show off the beautiful dress that you are wearing. The most common type of skirt that flares out at the knees is called a knee-length hemline skirt. This can be paired with the most classic of bridal shower dresses, including styles with a full skirt, princess cuts, and backless dresses. Or a more contemporary style such as a midi dress can work just as well and can even be worn for semi-formal weddings as well. No matter what type of skirt or bridal shower dress you choose, the important thing to keep in mind is that the style of the skirt compliments your body, and does not make you look as if you are trying to hide something.

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