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A Look at Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

Every woman should own at least one long sleeve maxi dress in her closet. These dresses are flattering and work with almost any body type. They look fresh and sexy in a black dress; they’re comfortable and forgiving when worn with a short skirt; they’re ideal for beach and day wear. They can be paired with a blouse in the form of a v-neck or with a simple button-up blouse. Worn alone or with lingerie, the long sleeve maxi dress is ideal for any occasion. Read on for more tips on finding the best long-sleeved maxi dress.


Loose, loosely fitting maxi dresses without a defined waistline (think hippie mullet} are notoriously old and stale. The key is to get one that crisscrosses over at the waist, regardless of whether it’s a little bit or a lot. For instance, a long sleeve maxi dress steams in at the bust, drapes down at the mid-backline and drapes out at the bottom. The drape falls smoothly and then falls straight once again, like a corset. If you want to keep it that way, just wear panties underneath the dress.


Maxi shirts can be a little tricky, especially when it comes to long sleeve maxi dresses. A great tip is to go to the closet and try on a few shirts so that you know how they fit, including your own. Once you know what fits, you can make your own alterations. For instance, instead of wearing a big, boxy shirtdress, you could wear a tank top with boy-cut pants or a wrap shirt with an empire waist.


A classic style of long sleeve maxi dress looks best with a fitted cardigan, since this makes the sleeve flatter the figure. Also, make sure you add a nice top, preferably in a darker hue to round out your look. One of the best benefits of long sleeve maxi dresses is the fact that they can be dressed up or down with ease.

For instance, if you are going to a wedding or reception, a long-sleeved dress might not look so good with shorts. Instead, opt for a dress that has short sleeves. Also, if you are attending a less formal event, you don’t need to invest in a long dress; shorts will do just fine. In fact, it might even be preferable to skip the dress altogether. However, if you are attending a very formal affair, then the dress is definitely a must-have.


Long maxi dresses can be found in a wide variety of colors, patterns and fabrics. For instance, there are the ones made of silk, velvet or chiffon, while others are crafted of satin, crepe, organza or cashmere. Maxi dress comes in various sleeve lengths as well, from the shortest of which is called the opera length to the longest of which is called the floor length. The longer length maxi dress is ideal for day wear and for covering up your shoulders. However, if you are going to a formal event where you need to be conservative, the shorter sleeve maxi dress is better.


When it comes to styling, the overall appearance of the dress depends on you. You can either choose a more feminine, simple look, or one that is more trendy. If you are going for a more traditional look, consider bringing along accessories like jewelry, scarves or handbags to further compliment the design. Don’t forget to wear shoes that are appropriate for the occasion. Your shoes should be on point – nothing too elegant or too sporty.


Another tip is to think about the season when you will be wearing the dress. The weather changes and the material need to change as well. Choose a material that will not be damaged by sudden changes in temperature. If you have chosen a fabric that is suitable for the cold months, look for long maxis that are lined and made of materials that will keep you warm.

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